To-date, the ExportR software has assisted in the extraction of data from several hundred Advanced Revelation, Revelation and OpenInsight applications world-wide. Here is a sampling of some of our feedback …

We are very satisfied with Amon Consulting. They have already converted several Arev to a SQL schema for us. Both the data quality and service are excellent. The conversion is often ready just a few hours after we sent the data files. We will definitely continue to use Amon Consulting when our customers need to convert their old database to our IrisBG database. Thank you, Jocelyn, it’s a pleasure to work with you. Highly recommended!
Øyvind Rustan
Compositae AS
Rykkinnveien 73
N-1349 Rykkinn
29 October 2021

Amon Consulting was an amazing partner in an important data project for our firm.  The ExportR software was intuitive and saved us valuable time and resources.  You are engaging with the best if you work with them.  The migration team was generous with their time and answered all of our inquires quickly with expertise.

Travis McDonald
Director of Operations
Stack’s Bowers
Santa Ana, CA, USA
8 April 2020

Thank you, Amon Consulting, for having a solution for our very outdated and no longer supported Arev based Ensemble application.  The original data transformation process performed by the vendor back in 1999 had so many errors, our organization, World Vision US, felt compelled to keep the old application as the source of truth for decades.  Once the latest Windows products were released in early 2020, our IT leaders urged us to sunset the application as soon as possible due to security risks.  The solution provided to automatically transform the Arev application files into .CSV files is easy to implement and very thorough and accurate.  Jocelyn is organized, empathetic and knowledgeable, with great documentation for her product.  Her responses were quick and productive.  Thanks to this ExportR software, we have been able to retain our data and sunset the application in record time with little expense. I highly recommend this product and service.
Christy Joy Hardt
HRIS Analyst, HR Systems, Human Resources
World Vision Org, Seattle WA, USA 
7 April 2020

We were contacted to migrate a huge system (well over 64m records across 150 objects) from an OpenInsight system to Salesforce. The client was so nervous about the data migration that he insisted on a proof of concept before agreeing to give us the contract. ExportR was a lifesaver, Jocelyn gave us a free trial version and held our hand through the process, we had no one on staff who knew anything about OpenInsight.

By using ExportR we were able to complete the POC in just a few weeks, and won the contract. When we moved to the main project build we ran into some issues because of the data volumes. When we reached out to Jocelyn, she offered to add features to ExportR that will allow us to export data based on date ranges, she turned it around and delivered it to us in just a few days!

Working with Jocelyn and ExportR has without at doubt saved us (and our client) tens of thousands of dollars! I could not recommend it and her more!
David Masri
Technical Director
LiquidHub, Inc.
500 East Swedesford Road Suite 300 Wayne, PA, USA
4 August 2017

Jocelyn provided a highly efficient extract and conversion service that has allowed us to integrate old data into new applications and fulfill our record keeping obligations

We have been struggling for a while with a very old Advanced Revelation database that is becoming increasingly unstable and does not provide a reliable interface to other data sources.

Thankfully we found Amon Consulting who managed to convert the data into a readable format that we can integrate into more compatible resources.

Due to the data being ‘older’ than anticipated, several data extracts were required before all the data was included, this extra work was all provided within the original quote.

Jocelyn provided a highly efficient extract and conversion service that has allowed us to integrate old data into new applications and fulfill our record keeping obligations.
Matthew McCarthy
Business Analyst
Department of Finance, Services and Innovation
New South Wales Government, Australia
11 July 2017

I have just concluded evaluating your product (ExportR) and I must say I was impressed with the ease of use of the product. Within minutes (no exaggeration here) I have managed to get all my tables in csv format which I can now manipulate further in MS Office products. All this by just following the 4 simple steps you sent me. I must tell you that I also gave a good look at Exorsys XPORT. I say a good look cause I spent much more time than in ExportR trying to export using the supplied information but without any success. It could be that my lack of expertise in using Revelation prevented me from using this software. But this is the reason why I would like to export the data in the first place; I want ease of use for my user & me! I would not like to become an experienced Revelation user just to export from it. Hence your product is just right for my case. I also browsed the electronic manuals that came with each evaluation copy. Apart from the ExportR manual being half the size of the XPORT manual, the former is more understandable to me.Although both products offer good selection and formatting options, I preferred to export the data with relative ease using ExportR (without any special options) and then do further processing outside Revelation.
Julian Scicluna Zurrieq, MALTA
31 January 2006

…was able to quickly and accurately export our clients Argus data from OpenInsight database files into distinct tables in a Microsoft Access MDB. I uploaded my clients source .LK and .OV files and, within 2-3 days, Jocelyn uploaded the exported data along with validation tables from the export process.With the resulting export, I was able to easily convert my clients data into our collection management system (TMS Light).
Kevin Arista
Project Manager
Gallery Systems
Reading, PA, USA
17 March 2005

Your software allowed us unprecedented access to our data that we are now using to create targeted marketing efforts.Thanks to your assistance, we were able to complete our conversion in 1 day, and will likely defer an expensive upgrade of the incarnation of AREV we currently use.An added bonus is the peace of mind knowing our data is secure in a non-proprietary format and we are no longer shackled to a single source for access.
Russell Smith
President, RTS Associates
Tucker, GA, USA
16 January 2003

The data exporting is going well. I have been able to extract all data from all Arev tables on our production system….the management team is very pleased with the progress so far. This is the first time that data has been able to be extracted from our production Arev system without the need for custom programs… once completed reporting will be a breeze.
Frank Greco
Director, Data Warehousing
Equinox Financial Group
Toronto, Ontario
6 January 2003

I’m doing a conversion into a SQL database – this tool has been absolutely FANTASTIC!!! I don’t think I ever would have made it if it were not for this…Definitely money well spent!!
Howard Hart
Principal Software Engineer
AOL Time Warner, Inc.
13 November 2002

I have used ExportR to extract Advanced Revelations data for conversion to a SQL schema. ExportR and the Access database builds have saved me innumerable hours in documenting and mapping conversion data. ExportR is particularly useful for non-AREV programmers, such as myself, who dont know and don’t have the time to learn TCL command prompt programming.The program extracts not only the data, but also the metadata (i.e. field names, positions, column header, indexing detail, help screen text etc.). I would recommend ExportR for anyone needing to quickly and accurately convert Arev data to another platform.
Cris Clausing
Turlock, CA, USA
23 March 2002

Your program worked as advertised, allowing us to convert 14 years of Advanced Revelation data into exactly the format needed to import into our new application. No intermediary steps were required. The entire process, which resulted in the creation of almost 350Mb of formatted files ready for import to the new system, took only a weekend.I can also say that ExportR is an outstanding value, a bargain in every sense.
Bryan M. Smith
Information Systems
UW Health University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics
Building, 610 N. Whitney Way, Suite 4200
Madison, Wisconsin
6 November 2001