Amon Consulting Limited has assisted with over 20 Comsense data migrations (using the Arev ExportR data extraction software) as well as providing the on-going support and external financial reporting requirements for Comsense applications. To-date our ExportR product has been used in the data migration of twenty-plus Comsense applications to alternate platforms. We also have recently built an XML ‘bridge’ to an external application (Access IT contractERP™) to allow for the ad-hoc export of full Comsense Project data (assignments, pricing, products, options, finishes etc). This work has given us an in-depth understanding of the complex structure of the underlying Comsense tables for both the Comsense hardware and the Comsense accounting systems.

In addition to Comsense data migration, Comsense Advantage and Comsense Cecommand users have found the ExportR Arev data export tool useful as an on-going method of extracting Revelation data and interfacing data from their Comsense product to alternate applications. The ExportR software can assist in transitioning migration from the Comsense Arev environment by allowing for a staged implementation approach when introducing the newer platform. The majority of our Comsense platform migrations to-date have been to the Access IT contractERP™ business management system.