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Our Company

Amon Consulting Limited was founded 1984 and is based in New Zealand. Our company provides consulting services internationally for legacy applications running on the Revelation G2B, Advanced Revelation and OpenInsight platforms.

Since 1998, we have assisted with data conversion, application migration and data interfacing for several hundred applications developed on the G2B, Advanced Revelation, Openinsight and other Pick based platforms. Our ExportR software is the simplest and most accurate method of converting Revelation’s Pick-based multi-valued database to accessible formats such as CSV (and alternate delimited formats) as well as database formats including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and MySQL.

We are a customer-focused company and are able to provide whatever is required to assist in keeping legacy systems operational and in providing support and tools for data extraction and system migration. We aspire to ensure that all our customers remain positive reference sites. As it is the nature of much of our work to ensure that customers will never require our services again, we always appreciate publishable feedback!

Our People

Jocelyn Amon  Jocelyn Amon on LinkedIn
After developing several applications using G2B Revelation in 1985, Jocelyn progressed to the newer Advanced Revelation version in 1989, re-engineering software from the previous Revelation platforms. Continuing with software development in Advanced Revelation until the early 1990′s, she later gained a knowledge of OpenInsight when contracted to provide on-going maintenance and data conversion for several sites.

Jocelyn developed the first iteration of the ExportR data extraction software in the late 1990′s having perceived a demand for this after a noticeable increase in Revelation migration and Revelation data interfacing work. Since that time the ExportR product has been extensively enhanced, making the software increasingly intuitive, easy to use and flexible. The ExportR tool can now be implemented and run with very little or no knowledge of the underlying Revelation platform and without the need to identify any of the application tables or fields. ExportR has been simplified to the point that the software can be installed within minutes and then run with a single command to initiate the extraction of all application data into a CSV output format.

In 2002 Jocelyn developed software to automatically generate a Microsoft Access database based on metadata output from the ExportR software run. A data load utility was also developed in Visual Basic to enable the automated import (or re-import) of the exported data into an auto-generated MS Access database, creating tables and columns based on the exported metadata.